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Presentation of the association

Our Organization

Luern is a French voluntary organization (under 1901 French Law) and a scientific laboratory created in 2008 and dedicated to the study, the protection and the promotion of archaeological heritage discovered on the tableland of Corent (France) and its close surroundings.
Non-profit organization, benefitting from the General Interest label since 2008, Luern has a scientific and cultural objective to simultaneously bring our past history to light (excavations and field researches), enrich scientific discoveries (remains analysis and preservation), and ensure the dissemination of the information to the largest audience, both scientists, researchers, students and the general public (events, conferences, exhibitions).

Luern acronym and logo are inspired by the name of a famous Gallic chieftain called Luernios, who ruled over the Arverne territory during the second century BC and whose symbol (a fox perched on a chariot wheel) is largely represented on coins minted in the main sanctuary of Corent oppidum.

Our Activities

  • Planning, execution and analysis of archaeological excavations on Corent, Veyre-Monton and Martres-de-Veyre communes (all located in Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne, France) ;
  • Executing upstream documentary research or field prospection for the preparation of the excavation work ;
  • Leading scientific research activities aiming at analysing, interpreting, conserving, restoring, presenting and communicating discoveries to the largest audience ;
  • Encouraging academic researches by welcoming students and their supervisors on site and supporting their work on the long run ;
  • Piloting publication activities, mediation initiatives and media coverage for results widest distribution ;
  • Setting-up agreements with other academic institutions in France and abroad (USA, Great Britain, Russia, Switzerland, Germany…), to organize and promote joint and cross activities.

Our Board of Directors

Christian CHANY, Doctor, Pont-du-Château

Vice President, Responsible for Scientific Department:
Matthieu POUX, Archaeologist & Professor at Lyon 2 Lumière University, Lyon

General Secretary:
David ROMEUF, IT Manager at Lyon 1 Claude Bernard University, Lyon

Honorary President:
Christian GOUDINEAU, Professor at Collège de France, Antiquités Nationales Chair, Paris